90 Days to Better: What Is Your Value Beyond the Loan Closing?

What Is Your Value Beyond the Loan Closing?

Have you ever spent great quality time with a client through your initial consultation and then preparing them to purchase their dream home? Then, when they finally find their dream home, you find out that they are comparing rates. This is something I think everyone in this career has experienced, including me. This means you need to rethink your strategy and value proposition BEYOND the loan transaction. Watch this video to hear my advice for how to get out of and avoid this situation. Help your client learn a new way for how they make decisions about who they work with! #JoinTheCause #90DaysToBetter #TheBorrowSmartTeam #NEOHomeLoans #ChangingTheIndustry

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Trevor Hammond, NMLS# 74846 Division Vice President, Neo Home Loans ğŸ“ž (503) 680-5360 📧 Trevor.Hammond@neohomeloans.com 📍 4380 S Macadam Ave, #150, Portland, OR 97239 🌐 www.trevorhammond.com Connect with me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/trevorhammond
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