Do Your Activities Match Your Goals For 2020?

This video was made last year, but the concepts are the same regardless of the year. With our Annual 10X Growth Summit Event coming up in a month these are great concepts to keep in mind as we come into 2020.

Now is the time to start thinking about and creating a game plan for taking your business and your life to the next level in 2020!

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Getting Crystal Clear on What it is That You Are Doing for Your Clients and Your Business Partners

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10X Your Mindset!

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5 Steps on How to Motivate your Clients to Share Your Services

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Do Your Activities Match Your Goals?

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Are You Providing Information or Solutions?

Mortgage Loan Officers, are you providing information or solutions? Listen in and learn how to overcome this common marketing faux pas here:

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Change Your Mindset to Improve Your Productivity

I recently had the opportunity to share one of my best strategies to help improve productivity. Check it out here:

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What do YOU sell?

Mortgage Loan Officers, do you know what you are really selling to your customers? Get clear on what it is you really do for people.

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Your Most Profitable Relationships Mature Over Time

When it comes to the Law of Incubation, one thing is certain: If you consistently add significant value to your clients over time, they will eventually come to a place where they cannot imagine doing business without you, or referring business to anyone else.

Here’s what this means to me:

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There are two big areas of business… how to generate new business, which is the common topic and focus. The second, less discussed, is how to capitalize on the business that is already in front of us.

In this interview, I share a really valuable mind and skill set for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Loan Originators.



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