Possibilities: The Power of “How Would You Feel If…” in Mortgage Lending

As loan officers and financial professionals, we have countless opportunities to empower our clients and elevate their financial well-being. In the quest to offer exceptional service, there’s a simple yet profound question we can harness: “How would you feel if…”

1. “How would you feel if we could show you how to finance this home AND have no other consumer debt when you move in?”

Imagine the relief and excitement that would wash over your clients as they envision stepping into their new homes without the weight of additional debt. By presenting strategic mortgage solutions, we can turn this vision into reality.

2. “How would you feel if your mortgage lending partner had systems and people in place to generate new referrals from every client we close together?”

This question invites collaboration and growth. Clients appreciate knowing that their loan officer is not just a transactional partner but a collaborator invested in their financial success—building systems for referrals benefits both parties.

3. “How would you feel if I could show you a home loan strategy that improved your net worth by $200,000 by the time you retire?”

Painting a vivid picture of a prosperous future is a powerful motivator. Focusing on long-term financial goals and strategies demonstrates our commitment to securing our clients’ financial legacies.

Incorporate “How would you feel if…” questions into your client interactions. These questions open doors to possibilities and showcase your dedication to their financial prosperity. They’re not just clients; they’re partners on a journey to financial success.

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