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If I had to choose just one thing to do every day, it would be this:  to have amazing conversations with like-minded individuals.  Many of my favorite conversations every day are with fellow mortgage professionals who, like me, are constantly seeking out ways to enjoy more money, less stress, and more life!

That’s my journey, and it has been my journey since my early days as a struggling Loan Officer figuring out how to get business and do loans.  Eventually, the more business I went out and generated, the more money I made.  Life was getting good.  That is, until I had so much business I found myself working too many hours to even enjoy the money!  I knew deep down that there must be a path to building a successful mortgage practice that did not automatically equate to more stress, and less free time to do the things I enjoyed.  From that point forward, I became almost obsessive in my pursuit of growing my business WHILE learning how to have more fun and take more time off.

Gradually I figured it out.  It wasn’t always easy, and still isn’t.  But I can tell you this – I have 10x’d my business, 10x’d my income, AND 10x’d my time off.  Along this journey, I have even 10x’d my passion for this business.

Last year I enjoyed 155 days off…yes, completely unplugged.  No emails.  No phone calls.  I did this while growing one of the largest branches in the country for NEO Home Loans, while still originating personal loans for my clients and taking on the Regional responsibilities for Oregon and Washington.  All of this experience, and I should say “experimenting”, has given me a unique perspective on this business and how to overcome the problems and challenges we all face.

Now I invite you in on this journey with me, as my passion has evolved into helping fellow loan officers rekindle your love for this business while increasing your profitability, reducing your stress, and investing more time than ever into the things you enjoy!

This site is dedicated to continuing the conversation with like-minded mortgage professionals intrigued and excited by the same journey I am on.  It’s to share ideas, be inspired by what is possible, and support one another in our respective goals and dreams.

I see Loan Officers everywhere struggling to stand out and differentiate in a see of “sameness” – similar rates, products, and services throughout our industry.  At the same time, the robots are coming.  Companies like Quicken Loans, as well as other online lenders, are reducing the value of many Loan Officers who haven’t yet raised their game to ADVICE.  I hear and see Loan Officers further commoditizing themselves by facilitating conversations with clients and Realtors about rates, fees, turn-times, and products…the exact pieces of our business that are easily fulfilled by a competitor down the street.

I see an opportunity that most Loan Officers are missing.  Families around the country are clueless when it comes to money.  They sure as heck have no idea how owning a house plays into whether or not they achieve their ideal financial future or not.  They are skating through life with no real plan, nobody really educating them on the fundamentals of personal finances, and they are on their own…no team of financial experts holding their hand along the way.

As Loan Officers, we have the single most powerful opportunity to become that conduit to a better financial future for homeowners and home buyers.  We help them obtain their greatest asset, at the same time we hand them the largest debt of their lives.  We get paid handsomely for handling this important transaction, and the new homeowners are on their own.  They do this four or five times over the course of 50-60 years, and then find themselves nowhere near the financial path they had hoped to retire someday when they want, and how they want.

I have built my career on solving this gargantuan problem for my clients.  I help other Loan Officers do the same.  And in doing so, I find purpose.  I find fulfillment.  I find I make more money.  I find it’s easier to differentiate my business and value proposition.  I find Realtors excited to send every client my way.  And the best part?  I find it much easier to unplug, take time away from work, and be fully present with those I love.

Welcome to the conversation.  I’m happy to have you engaged.

 – Trevor Hammond



Trevor Hammond

Division Vice President

NEO Home Loans

4380 SW Macadam Avenue, Ste 150

Portland, OR 97239

Team- 503-308-6934

Direct- 503-680-5360


NMLS #74846 / Company NMLS #150953




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