90 Days to Better: Salesperson or Difference Maker?

High Trust Selling by Todd Duncan is one of the best books for mortgage professionals. Read it, study it, teach your team about what it contains. Todd Duncan had been a mentor and coach of mine for many years, I even coach other mortgage professionals for him now! The book has 14 laws that are timeless, but the first one is the Law of the Iceberg. This says that the truest measure of your success is invisible to your clients. When discussing this idea, the book states “Most people can discern the difference between a sales person, one who is out to make a dollar, and one who is out to make a difference.” When you are thinking about how to grow in this business and how to build a career, you need to determine how you are making a difference for the customer. Are you making a difference in the lives of your clients? If not, how can you? I wrote a book called Mortgages, Money, & Life because people only ever talked about mortgages and I saw the greater impact of money and life. I turn that information into a mortgage strategy. That is why we do many different things such as annual reviews for all of our clients. #90DaysToBetter #TheBorrowSmartTeam #ChangingTheIndustry

About Trevor Hammond

As a veteran of the mortgage industry, Trevor Hammond is the co-author of "Borrow Smart, Retire Rich," a Certified Mortgage Adviser and a founding Faculty Member and Contributor to the National Institute of Financial Education (www.niofe.org). And he has provided thousands of homeowners with the clarity and confidence to make smarter decisions when it comes to their mortgages and money. In 2013 he launched an entirely new kind of mortgage company: Aspire Mortgage Group, which is committed to educating and empowering homeowners to increase savings, eliminate bad debt, and safely increase net worth. The specialized group of mortgage professionals at Aspire Mortgage Group have redefined what homeowners should expect from a mortgage company. To learn more about Trevor Hammond and our team of mortgage advisors please visit our website at www.aspiremortgagegroup.com or email Trevor directly: trevor.hammond@sierrapacificmortgage.com. Aspire Mortgage is a Sierra Pacific Mortgage Partner.
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