90 Days to Better: Why I Chose NEO – Part 1

Why I Chose NEO – Part 1

Since transitioning to NEO Home Loans under a month ago, I have experienced something amazing. Many people reached out to me; some I know well and others not at all. What was interesting was that the majority asked one of these three questions: Why did you move? Why now? Why NEO? My answers broke down to three and a half things that I will be sharing. If you want to hear my ‘why’ tune into this video along with the next two on this topic. Take what I share and use it to better yourself and your business! #JoinTheCause #90DaysToBetter #TheBorrowSmartTeam #NEOHomeLoans #ChangingTheIndustry

About Trevor Hammond

Trevor Hammond, NMLS# 74846 Division Vice President, Neo Home Loans 📞 (503) 680-5360 📧 Trevor.Hammond@neohomeloans.com 📍 4380 S Macadam Ave, #150, Portland, OR 97239 🌐 www.trevorhammond.com Connect with me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/trevorhammond
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