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Make Your Commission Income Predictable

When you are in a commission-only sales career, there are some things we have to understand: You cannot control the results. You cannot control when a client will finally find that dream home. You cannot control when a prospective client … Continue reading

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Don’t Recruit People You Don’t Know

  Not many things bug me more than getting recruited within minutes of accepting someone’s LinkedIn request. Yes, I probably shouldn’t have accepted that invitation in the first place, but I either didn’t look closely enough at their title before … Continue reading

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It’s Not the Business – It’s You

Too many times we hear business owners and sales professionals giving excuses for why they aren’t achieving their goals or why their business is not where they wish it was. Let’s be clear:  don’t confuse the complexities of the business … Continue reading

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Do People Know You?

As a business owner or commission-only sales professional, your biggest obstacle is obscurity.  If people don’t know you exist, then they aren’t thinking of you when the time comes for your product or service. When someone complains to me that … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Flaky

Recently I had a lunch appointment scheduled with a loan officer, unhappy at her current place of employment and admittedly eager to meet with me to discuss the unique things we are doing and the possibility of joining my mortgage … Continue reading

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