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Top 10 Lessons I Learned in October 2017

Well…it happened.  My year-long goal to hit “pause” and reflect on all that I’ve learned each month didn’t happen!  So I’m catching up now because I DID learn a ton in October.  I only failed to summarize it in a … Continue reading

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What Books Will You Read in 2017?

For many years I have based personal and business decisions on this philosophy: “Who you are ten years from now will be a result of the books you read and the people you spend time with.” This quote is an … Continue reading

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Are You Expendable?

As markets shift, change and turnover at the company level is inevitable.  Watching the cycles over the past 20 years has shown me this.  So I challenge you to ask yourself the following questions: How valuable are you?  Are you … Continue reading

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Pole Pole! A Lesson from Climbing Kilimanjaro

Having just gotten back from climbing the highest mountain in all of Africa, I can say that the journey on Mt. Kilimanjaro taught me many lessons. What was the most important one? Set crazy, big goals that scare you and … Continue reading

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2017 Planning – Begin With the End in Mind

Fast forward in time to December 2017. Imagine yourself sitting alone in your favorite thinking spot. Looking back over the previous 11 months, what HAS to have happened for you to be happy with your progress in 2017? We’ve all … Continue reading

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My 3 Words for 2015

As I look ahead to what must happen for me to view 2015 as a tremendous success for my businesses, my employees, my clients, and my family,  I see a very long list of goals and projects.  I get extremely … Continue reading

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The First Vow of Success for Sales Professionals and Business Owners

I will depend entirely on my own capabilities for my financial success. This vow removes the dependency for a “job”, or employment by others, as the source of your economic livelihood.  You have committed to a career where you must … Continue reading

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