Dear Loan Officer: 5 Steps to Multiplying Referrals

Dear Loan Officer,

We’re all trying to build with our clients, in a way to turn them into long-time fans. Loyal customers will keep you top-of-mind, and will not only buy from you again, but refer you to their greater network of people.

Grab your journal or iPad, and consider/weigh the following points for multiplying your referrals in a meaningful way:

Acquire – Your job is to acquire opportunities; what are your Pillars of Business, where do you want your business to come from, and how good is your scripting when pursuing new partners?

Optimize – What are you doing to optimize your customer or partner experience, to WOW them?

Retain – How do you keep clients on board while they’re out shopping? Hint: Strategies for reducing fallout is a key component of this.

Cultivate – what is your strategy/process to continuously cultivate relationships over time? Many people fail to stay in touch, which can be inefficient over time when maintaining top-of-mind awareness with clients.

Multiply – You have a customer on board, you’ve given them an experience, now are you asking them for a referral? THIS is a never-ending opportunity to generate leads.


Action Step: Find which one of these points you may need the most help with. Where are you falling short?

Please contact me if you have any questions – I would be happy to help – you can find my contact information on the bottom of my “About” page. I wish you all the best!


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