Dear Loan Officer: Growth is Found in Truth

"All progress starts by telling the truth." - Dan Sullivan   You have to look inside yourself.

Look within when searching for success.

“All progress starts by telling the truth.” – Dan Sullivan


This is one of my favorite quotes and lessons to live by.  Where do I need to tell myself the honest truth about something in my life, so that I can begin truly progressing??  


Until we tell the truth, we cannot start putting in place the systems, disciplines, and most importantly… commitment… to begin improving and growing.


  • How effective IS my initial client consultation, based on my current results?
  • How committed ARE my referral partners?
  • How much do I truly take ownership and reduce the stress of my fellow teammates?
  • How good of a leader am I?
  • How essential of a teammate am I?
  • How well am I doing at being the best father/mother/husband/wife/sister/brother/son/daughter to those I love?
  • How much time do I really invest in mastering my skills to excel in my role at work?
  • How well do I focus my time and energy every day on what’s most important?
  • How important IS health and wellness to me, looking at my current eating/drinking/exercise habits?
  • How ‘sold’ am I on the value I bring to the client experience and that I am the only, and best, option in the market?


Telling the truth, to ourselves, is where we can begin real progress.




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