‘Lunch Money’ – Monthly Training & Education to Help My Team Increase Their Fiscal Literacy & Confidence

This month I launched ‘Lunch Money’, a monthly training and education to help my team increase their fiscal literacy and feel more confidence around money as they build a path for a successful financial future!

This has been a passion of mine for many years, and acted as the foundation for a successful mortgage career since I made it less about the mortgage, and more about helping families achieve financial safety and grow their wealth.

I’ve spent years teaching homeowners and homebuyers the principles and strategies to be more successful with their money. I’ve done countless classes for professionals and businesses. I co-authored Borrow Smart, Retire Rich and then wrote Mortgages, Money, and Life to further spread the lessons I’ve learned. I now certify all of my Mortgage Advisors through Borrow Smart University to be able to help their clients on another level the way I’ve always enjoyed doing.

Yet, I realized recently that I’ve done very little to coach up my own support team along the way. My amazing Loan Officer Assistants, Processors, Marketing Coordinators, Operations Manager, Systems Administrator, Post Closing Concierge, Partner Liaison, etc. That ends now. I’m committed to helping those closest to me every day, working hard every day to help our clients with their mortgage financing needs, have the tools and education to succeed with money!

I’m excited with where Lunch Money will go! I foresee guest experts joining in, lots of engaged discussions, and incredible growth and connections as we move forward.

About Trevor Hammond

Trevor Hammond, NMLS# 74846 Division Vice President, Neo Home Loans 📞 (503) 680-5360 📧 Trevor.Hammond@neohomeloans.com 📍 4380 S Macadam Ave, #150, Portland, OR 97239 🌐 www.trevorhammond.com Connect with me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/trevorhammond
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