Dear Loan Officer: Are You Discussing the 3 Main Areas of Emotion in Finance?

If you are on my e-mail distribution, last week you heard me talk about the importance of selling the problem first. As you continue the sales process, it’s important to remember that your client’s decisions are largely emotional, and not logical.

Logic = Conclusions. Emotions = Decisions.

A lot of us have the curse of knowledge, and can talk all day long about the industry, mortgages and finance, to lead potential clients to conclusions. But it doesn’t mean they will make a decision, and that’s why connecting emotionally with them is a critical step in the process. Buying a home is a hugely emotional experience for a lot of our clients, and to increase sales and help more families (and really become that essential partner in your client’s lives), you have to engage more on what is emotional to them. In my video below, I break down the top 3 main areas of emotion that exist around finance:


I wish you all the best!


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