Dear Loan Officer: Stop Trying to Be the Hero!

Stop trying to be the hero! That’s my bold message for today. If you’ve ever read the book Story Brand by Donald Miller (which I highly recommend), the premise is that you should not be the “hero” for your client. Sometimes we are showing and telling – peacocking if you will – but the truth is, your client should be the hero of their own story. Our job is to be the guide, the Yoda, the Obi-Wan.
Really make that a forward thinking focus for you today, as you organize your consultations, or talk with a client on their very first discovery call.When you want to become the guide, you’re really just coming alongside them, to prop them up and give them the best advice that’s best for them.
I challenge you to make it about them – to ask better questions, and dig deeper to step forward into their journey.
I wish you all the best!

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