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Top 10 Lessons I Learned in July 2017

What a year of learning, growing, and implementing!  Every month this year, I have been journaling the greatest insights and reminders I learn each day.  Here are the Top 10 lessons I learned in July 2017.  Let me know which ones resonate with you the … Continue reading

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The Third Mistake in Trying to Win Business

Over and over I watch mortgage professionals sabotage their success, and their ability to grow their business.  This is the final part of a 3-part series in which I’m exploring three fundamentals of human nature that are being ignored for … Continue reading

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The First Mistake in Trying to Win Business

Over and over I witness mortgage professionals sabotaging their own success.  When they lose a prospective client or a Realtor partner, they tend to point out surface level reasons (i.e. excuses) for the loss. To succeed, and convert at a … Continue reading

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How Can You Have More Fun At Work?

Interesting question, eh? It was one that was posed to me recently, and it really got me thinking. How about you? In some ways, I make having fun a certainty at our company. Every 90 days we have a team outing to celebrate … Continue reading

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