My 3 Words for 2015


As I look ahead to what must happen for me to view 2015 as a tremendous success for my businesses, my employees, my clients, and my family,  I see a very long list of goals and projects.  I get extremely excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and I find that everything I hope to accomplish and build in this coming year can be summed up in three words.  As you read, I encourage you to think of your three words for 2015 and what they will mean to you.


If you were around me enough in 2014, either as a business partner or an attendee at my live coaching workshops, you would be familiar with my common theme:  Playing at a level our competition doesn’t even know exists!  This statement is not born out of ego or cockiness, but rather the hard work, thinking, and planning that has gone into some incredible innovation already.  In 2014, I worked to bring new ideas and processes to homeowners at my mortgage company, Aspire Mortgage Group.  I created a completely unique lending experience for homeowners called The BorrowSMART Process™, aimed at eliminating our clients’ greatest financial concerns and helping ensure they are positioned to take advantage of financial opportunities that lie ahead for them.  Our Aspire Growth™ pillar paved the path for me to share innovative business development concepts and strategies in a live format to help our local real estate and financial partners grow their businesses and improve their lives.  Our “Shock and Awe” Welcome Packet was introduced this year.  We mail this to prospective clients and we have seen dramatically improved conversion success.  And the article I wrote in 2010, “How to Avoid the Four Blind Spots on Your Road to Financial Independence” continues to change the game by growing awareness and opening up opportunities for a better financial future for every client we meet.  Every week I will dedicate time to innovate, and in 2015 this will be at the forefront of what I do as I create content, resources, and processes to set my businesses, and my teams, apart from all others.


My network equals my net worth.  I truly believe this.  More great relationships, combined with innovation so that we have something truly unique to share and provide value with, are a proven formula for success.  Every sale starts with a conversation, and I must have far more conversations in 2015 than I did in 2014.  I will continue to improve the relationships I have with my current team of great loan officers and loyal clients and partners.  As we look to grow new relationships in 2015, my focus will be on three key areas:  adding dedicated real estate and financial partners who are excited to grow alongside of us; growing our core group of happy clients who rave about us to every friend and family member; and adding three new mortgage professionals who are already successful and ambitious, but desire a more creative and exciting path to grow their own business and improve their life along the way.

At the same time, I will be more strategic in the relationships I choose.  I will commit to being more honest with who I want to work with, and who I do not.  Time is my most precious resource, so I will dedicate my time to those relationships that mean the most to me, my business, and my future.  I will give more to those relationships that truly value what I have to give, and create the discipline to remove the relationships that simply “take” and rarely “give”.  I strongly believe that who we are ten years from now will be a result of the people we spend time with.


Greater innovation plus more quality relationships leads to growth.  And in 2015 I expect massive growth.  And growth equals happiness.  I will continue to focus on progress, not perfection.  In 2015 I will implement new techniques and strategies to celebrate all that I have accomplished along the way rather than fret over what is not done yet.  I will plan to enjoy growth in my health, personal relationships, money, and leadership capabilities.  I will grow the amount of free time I take away from work, while also growing my business and teamwork.  I will grow my community outreach, as well as focus on my own personal/spiritual growth.  Every year for me is about growth, but 2015 will be exceptional.

What are your three words for 2015?  And what do they mean to you?

About Trevor Hammond

As a veteran of the mortgage industry, Trevor Hammond is the co-author of "Borrow Smart, Retire Rich," a Certified Mortgage Adviser and a founding Faculty Member and Contributor to the National Institute of Financial Education ( And he has provided thousands of homeowners with the clarity and confidence to make smarter decisions when it comes to their mortgages and money. In 2013 he launched an entirely new kind of mortgage company: Aspire Mortgage Group, which is committed to educating and empowering homeowners to increase savings, eliminate bad debt, and safely increase net worth. The specialized group of mortgage professionals at Aspire Mortgage Group have redefined what homeowners should expect from a mortgage company. To learn more about Trevor Hammond and our team of mortgage advisors please visit our website at or email Trevor directly: Aspire Mortgage is a Sierra Pacific Mortgage Partner.
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