“The Inception Of Suffering Is Comparison.”

“The inception of suffering is comparison.”

For years I’ve kept a journal simply titled “What I Learned”. It’s a compilation of interesting thoughts, unique insights, and advice on navigating my life in the best possible way. As I read every morning, listen to a podcast on my drive, or enjoy a conversation with someone…I log any new lessons or powerful reminders in this journal.

“The inception of suffering is comparison.”

My good friend and personal coach, Todd Ballenger shared this quote with me. But it’s hard NOT to compare, isn’t it? As a mortgage professional, friend, parent, child, athlete, restaurant owner…the world around us seems to be wired to make us compare ourselves to others. Social media is an epicenter for this harmful comparison. It’s rarely a good thing from my experience.

Best I’ve learned is this: Compare yourself…to yourself. Meaning, measure your growth and progress, from yesterday or last year or 5 years ago. Set goals, yes. But make sure they are YOUR goals, not someone else’s.

And definitely don’t compare just income, or wealth. Compare your knowledge from 5 years ago, your growth as a parent, your relationship to your spouse, your abilities as a leader, your value creation for others. These are all in our control.

Avoid the gap of comparing yourself to where you ‘wish’ you were but aren’t yet. Simply turn around and say, “Wow, look how far I’ve actually come!”

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