What Was 2015 All About?

Growth & Innovation

What Was 2015 All About?

If you had to sum up your year, what words would you use to describe 2015?  And how will you use what you learned in 2015 to make 2016 even better?

For me, the first word would have to be “GROWTH”.  My mortgage company grew its business 200% in 2015, while we tripled the number of team members!  I had no choice but to also then grow as a leader.  In addition, I worked hard to grow as a father and a husband this year.

My second word would have to be “LETTING GO”.  Yes, I know this is two words but it’s the best way I can sum up this part of 2015.  I committed to taking more time off than ever before from business to travel and be with my family.  That meant I had to let go of the control of many things at work and trust others.  This isn’t easy when I set ridiculously high standards on myself and others around me!

“INNOVATION” would be a third word to help describe my year.  In building an exciting and unique mortgage company, I enjoyed rolling out many innovative tools and resources to our clients and internal team members.  I implemented new allowance rules for our two kids to help them begin learning about money and saving.  I launched new coaching workshops, wrote tons of new material for marketing, blogs, and two books I hope to release in 2016.

What words would YOU use to describe 2015 as you look back?  And how has 2015 set you up for an even better 2016?  What did you learn?  Knowing what you know now, what will you say “no” to in the New Year?

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