What Books Will You Read in 2016

For many years I have based personal and business decisions on this philosophy:

“Who you are ten years from now will be a result of the books you read and the people you spend time with.”

This quote is an adaptation of the one by Charles Tremendous Jones, and has been a guiding principle for me as I’ve worked hard to surround myself with the people who represent where I want to go (rather than where I’ve been).  But for this article’s purpose, let’s focus on the reading part of this philosophy.  And I don’t mean fun, fiction books!  (Though I enjoy them each night before going to sleep.)

My 2015 Reading Accomplishments

In 2015 I had big goals on reading a lot of books on personal and TH 2015 Accomplished readingbusiness growth.  As the visionary for my company and team, as well as a coach to many, a husband, a father, etc. reading great non-fiction books gives me the fuel to grow in all areas of my life.

As you can see in the picture, I made some great progress!

Interesting Statistics

  • 33% of High School Graduates never read another book the rest of their lives
  • 42% of college grads never read another book after college
  • 80% of U.S. families did not buy or read a book last year

In addition, according to Grant Cardone in his book, “The 10x Rule”, the most successful CEOs are reported to read an average of 60 books per year…whereas the average American worker reads an average of less than one book and makes 319 times less income.

My books for 2016

TH 2016 Reading GoalNow looking ahead to 2016, I have chosen key books that I hope will continue to play a big role in my continued growth and leadership capabilities.  One of my rules is to only choose books that have come highly recommended.

What books will YOU read in 2016?  When will you block out time in your days to work on your own personal growth by reading?  I would love to hear!

About Trevor Hammond

Since 1998, Trevor Hammond has helped thousands of families finance their homes and make smart decisions when it comes to their personal finances. Now, as a sought-after mortgage advisor, coach, speaker, and author, Trevor Hammond continues to focus on helping people enjoy more money, less stress, and more life. As the co-author of Borrow Smart, Repay Smart and his 2018 follow up book, Mortgages, Money and Life, Trevor has created unique financial coaching programs and spoken in front of thousands of people on his book concepts ranging from improving cash flow and savings, managing liabilities, to advanced real estate financing strategies for homeowners. His passion for providing financial education and his ability to innovate unique processes that help both clients and originators excel, has led Trevor to become a top producer and build a #1 branch in the country for mortgage lending company Sierra Pacific Mortgage. Whether Trevor is speaking to hundreds of people from the stage, working on his next book or mentoring a Loan Officer one-on-one as a High Trust™ Leader, he is pursuing his greatest passion of all: Coaching.
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