Will My Clients Remember Me?

RememberIf I was gone tomorrow, would my clients remember me?  Would they really care?  Or would they simply move on to another mortgage lender and take with them the perception that it will be the same?

Or, would they attend my funeral in droves just to be able to share with others the incredibly positive impact I had on their life?

It can’t just be about mortgages.  My time with clients can’t just be focused on interest rates, products, fees, turn-times, down payments, guidelines, and disclosures.  These are all important components of getting a transaction completed, but they aren’t even close to anything that will make them remember me.

What new things did I teach them?  What new tools and capabilities did I empower them with that will help them long after their mortgage loan closes and they’ve moved into their new house?  How did I continue to be a positive impact on their life long after the refinance was complete or they settled in to their new home?

If they feel or think they could simply go somewhere else after I am gone, and get the same thing…then what did I really build and accomplish as a mortgage professional?  What real purpose did I fulfill?  How did I purposefully go about making sure I was more to them than just a conduit to the money they needed to buy a house?

There is so much incredible opportunity to play a bigger role in the financial lives of our clients.  Building a business, closing lots of loans, and making money at the expense of not making a memorable impact on the lives of my clients is not acceptable.

And I hope it will no longer be acceptable to you.

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