Greater Confidence Leads to Greater Income

confidence-cat-lionEvery client or business partner of yours has certain fears.  Sometimes I call these “2 a.m.” issues, or concerns that keep them up at night.  Obstacles that are in their way and that they are unsure how to overcome them.  A fear of the unknown.

For a first time homebuyer, this may be a fear of commitment to such a large investment, or a concern about not understanding personal finances very well.  A Realtor may lose sleep over how to differentiate in a sea of licensed agents, or how to continue to add value to someone who just purchased their home.  For my loan officers, a huge obstacle is creating consistent business and income, and escaping the typical roller coaster business.

Your job, as a trusted advisor and partner, is to provide the confidence.  Provide confidence in your ability to help them eliminate these fears and overcome obstacles.

When you do this, and do this amazingly well…your income will increase dramatically.  Clients will pay for your confidence in solving their problems and overcoming their fears.

Knowing this, how confident are you?  Your clients and partners need it.

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