Vision Versus Alignment

Business Vision

It is said that business is 1% VISION and 99% ALIGNMENT.

In other words, once you’ve established a vision for where you want your business to go, the rest is making sure your activities are in constant alignment with that.

It’s so easy for us to get side-tracked by the “latest and loudest,” only to realize at some point that the things we’re spending time on do NOT get us closer to our vision.

And even though it is 99% “alignment,” both have equal weight.  Having a vision that you wrote down five years ago but don’t review regularly, makes it very difficult to stay on track.  Even worse is having a great vision that’s in your mind, but that your team isn’t aware of or clear on.  This means they have no way to truly help you with the alignment piece.

What’s your vision?  How clear is it?  When’s the last time you reviewed it and possibly updated it?  Does everyone on your team know it?

Secondly, is what you’re doing with the majority of your time at work, in alignment?

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