You are the Gift

holidaygiftgivingToo many mortgage professionals spend too much time selling products, interest rates, fees, their company, and even service.

The number one thing that prospective client is choosing to buy is YOU!  YOU are the gift.

And this decision-making process begins from the very first interaction, in the very first few minutes.

The benefits of this are if they DO choose you, the rest is much easier.  On the other hand, if they do NOT choose you, you tend to find yourself attempting to convince that prospective client to work with you/your team/your company.

What could you do to improve your initial experience for those people about to decide between YOU and someone else with similar products, fees, and service?  To make it easier for them to buy YOU?  Because I can guarantee you this:  there is always another Loan Officer with fewer products, higher fees, and inferior service…doing more business than you.

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