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I found some notes as I was cleaning up my office a bit recently.  I wrote the following on October 27th, 2015, roughly six months ago from this post.  It’s not complete, and focuses just on the business aspects of my future.  But the question for you is how clear is YOUR vision?

  • Three years from now, I have a mortgage team producing $600 million per year in closed loan volume. This will be just over 2,000 families each year we get to have an incredibly positive financial impact on.  We will do this with 50 talented, ambitious, and successful loan officers, with their Unique Ability Teams, who describe their time at Aspire as their best years ever.
  • We are known as a mortgage company, and team of professionals, that has redefined what homeowners have come to expect from a mortgage lender.
  • We have developed reward systems for top producers, their families, and their teammates…making sure we are giving our best to our best.
  • Support team members enjoy six weeks off each year of paid vacation, and their time away has no negative impact on the business since our systems are so good.
  • I personally enjoy taking ten weeks off per year to rejuvenate and spend quality time with family and friends.
  • I have released three new books that help mortgage professionals multiply their business growth AND personal freedom, as well as guides for homeowners to achieve greater freedom with their money.
  • I spend at least 80% of my work time speaking, coaching, innovating, and leading the vision.

How clear are you on where you are today, and where you want to go?  How specific is your vision?  You do not have to know HOW you’ll get there.  I have lots of work yet to do ahead of me, but I know that business is 1% vision and 99% alignment.  As long as I have a clear vision, the rest is making sure my actions are in alignment.


About Trevor Hammond

As a veteran of the mortgage industry, Trevor Hammond is the co-author of "Borrow Smart, Retire Rich," a Certified Mortgage Adviser and a founding Faculty Member and Contributor to the National Institute of Financial Education ( And he has provided thousands of homeowners with the clarity and confidence to make smarter decisions when it comes to their mortgages and money. In 2013 he launched an entirely new kind of mortgage company: Aspire Mortgage Group, which is committed to educating and empowering homeowners to increase savings, eliminate bad debt, and safely increase net worth. The specialized group of mortgage professionals at Aspire Mortgage Group have redefined what homeowners should expect from a mortgage company. To learn more about Trevor Hammond and our team of mortgage advisors please visit our website at or email Trevor directly: Aspire Mortgage is a Sierra Pacific Mortgage Partner.
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