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Who Decides What is Valuable?

So much is said about the importance of creating value for our customers.  When you are building a career in an overly commoditized industry like the mortgage industry, it’s imperative that loan officers spend a lot of time figuring out … Continue reading

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Vision Versus Alignment

It is said that business is 1% VISION and 99% ALIGNMENT. In other words, once you’ve established a vision for where you want your business to go, the rest is making sure your activities are in constant alignment with that. … Continue reading

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Greater Confidence Leads to Greater Income

Every client or business partner of yours has certain fears.  Sometimes I call these “2 a.m.” issues, or concerns that keep them up at night.  Obstacles that are in their way and that they are unsure how to overcome them.  … Continue reading

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The Definition of Stress

I recently shared this with my team: Stress is the gap between what we expect and what actually happens. When you constantly compare your results (the “actual”) with your expectations (the “ideal”), you will continue to find yourself frustrated and … Continue reading

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