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Are You Worth Waiting For?

I recently returned from an amazing 10-day vacation in Maui with my family.  While there, we made it our mission to eat shave ice every day! Several days into our trip, we came across Ululani’s Gourmet Hawaiian Shave Ice.  (That’s … Continue reading

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My Vision for A Bigger, Better Future

I found some notes as I was cleaning up my office a bit recently.  I wrote the following on October 27th, 2015, roughly six months ago from this post.  It’s not complete, and focuses just on the business aspects of my … Continue reading

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Traffic is Never an Excuse

I get so sick and tired of hearing excuses.  Don’t you?  I find myself no longer accepting them.  I don’t accept them for myself when things don’t go as planned, so why would I allow others to use them? Excuses … Continue reading

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I Have Figured It Out

People love to find someone who has seemingly “figured it out”.  Whatever “it” is will depend on what the person is seeking.  In the world of mortgage lending, I have figured a lot of things out… I have “figured out” … Continue reading

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The Two Keys to Lifelong Success and Happiness

Yes, there may be many “keys” to being happy and feeling a sense of success or accomplishment in your career, but the two I am about to share are the two that have helped me the most in building a … Continue reading

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