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Investing in People

I invest a lot…in people.  Every single person I hire, I invest time, money, energy, and knowledge.  And when I invest, I expect a return on my investment.  Truth be told, I expect an exponential return. Sometimes our investments don’t … Continue reading

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Don’t Recruit People You Don’t Know

  Not many things bug me more than getting recruited within minutes of accepting someone’s LinkedIn request. Yes, I probably shouldn’t have accepted that invitation in the first place, but I either didn’t look closely enough at their title before … Continue reading

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Freedom From Versus Freedom To

As mortgage professionals, we often talk about all of the things we wish we could let go of.  This is actually a huge differentiator and a large component of what our Aspire team is doing differently to support our top mortgage professionals. … Continue reading

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Stop Being Busy and Be Present

If you are familiar with even some business development concepts, you may have heard people discuss the difference between being busy and being productive.  It can be described as doing lots of things versus doing fewer of the right things. … Continue reading

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